Voyager and Cayley

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 Our premium carbon fiber thermal gliders are second to none, we make our planes from the highest quality carbon fiber composite material available, our goal is to achieve a light weight with strength to the entire plane, our elevators and stabilizers are light and durable. We tested for over a year in Southern California before deciding to bring it to market.  We made a few changes from the original first Voyager, we gave it a slimmer fuselage with a longer canopy, and made the stabilizer slightly bigger.

It's nice to have choices   

The Cayley glider, with its low wing loading and sleek
design, is specifically engineered to have a slower stall rate compared to most
gliders. This means that it can maintain lift and fly at lower speeds without stalling, enhancing its maneuverability during flight.The Cayley glider is designed with competition at the
highest level in mind.

While specific details about the Cayley glider are not
provided here, its designed for high-level competition typically focus on
maximizing performance in terms of thermal detection, agility, glide ratio, and
overall efficiency. Cayley gliders are built with advanced materials,
sophisticated aerodynamic features, and cutting-edge technology to push the
boundaries of gliding performance.

 Both the Voyager and Cayley gliders have their distinct
design goals and purposes. The Voyager glider is more forgiven, easier to set
up and detect thermals quite well, while the Cayley aims for top-level
competition performance. Its overall performance is superb for your top-level
competition, and its ability to penetrate from downwind is second to none.

Voyager and Cayley Pilots

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