Vince 2m F3L RES 1

The Vince  2m F3L RES is a  well-thought-out and competitive model kit, designed for enthusiasts who have an interest in aviation and model making. This kit's emphasis on performance, ease of assembly, and optimized airfoil designs suggests it is intended for experienced hobbyists or those looking to enter the competitive F3L/RES glider class.



  1. Specifications:
    • Wingspan: Approximately 2 meters (2m)
    • Weight Range: Approximately 420-460 grams (take-off weight)
    • Wing Design: Two-piece wing partially planked with a carbon joiner and screwable stabilizer
    • Servos: 4 servos recommended, specifically CHASERVO DS06
    • Airfoil Optimization: Newly developed airfoils for wing and tailplane to optimize lift and speed range
  1. Designers:
    • Jeroen Kole and Vincent Merlijn
    • Vincent Merlijn won the world championship in F3K (Hand Launch Glider) in 2017 as part of a team with Jeroen.
  1. Construction and Assembly:
    • Most components are designed for easy assembly, like clicking or pushing parts together (similar to a puzzle).
    • This design approach reduces construction errors before gluing and speeds up the building process.
  1. Performance:
    • The prototype has shown competitive performance in competitions, with the ability to cover large distances quickly and perform well in thermal lift.
    • The model's agility and control performance are emphasized in the design.
    • The spoilers' position is optimized to minimize turbulence on the tailplane, ensuring direct control response even during landing.
  1. Kit Contents: The kit includes various components necessary for building the glider model:
    • Laser-cut plywood and balsa parts
    • Steering rods made of carbon with plastic outer layer
    • CNC machined leading edges, hub, and wing fairings
    • Carbon fiber outriggers for the fuselage
    • Carbon spars and joiners
    • Small materials (likely miscellaneous hardware)
    • Printed plans for assembly guidance